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The device performance is splash and waterproof.




Ground resistance tester Ф4103-М1 is designed for measuring the resistance of grounding devices of any geometric dimensions, soil resistivity and active resistance in the presence and (or) in case of no interference.







Measuring ranges and permissible values of potential resistance and current electrodes are given below:


Measurement range, OhmThe acceptable range of resistance of electrodes, kOhm
Rп1,Rп2 or their total resistance (Rп1+Rп2)Rт1, Rт2 or their total resistance (Rт1+ Rт2)
0-0,3; 0-1 0-2 0-1
0-3; 0-10 0-6 0-3
0-30; 0-100; 0-300;
0-1000; 0-3000; 0-15000
0-12 0-6
Note. Rт1, Rт2, Rп1, Rп2 are symbols of resistance of the electrode connected to the appropriate terminals.


  • Accuracy classes in accordance with GOST (ГОСТ) 8.401-80 - 4.0 on the range (0-0.3) and 2.5 ohms on the other ranges.
  • The limits of permissible basic error are ± 4% range (0-0.3) ohms and ± 2,5% on the other ranges of the final value of the measuring range.
  • Frequency of the measuring current is in the range from 265 Hz to 310 Hz.
  • Alternating voltage at the terminals T1 and T2 at open external circuit is less than 36 V.
  • Power supply of the tester is provided by nine elements 373, A373 (R20, LR20) or from external DC voltage from 11.5 V to 15 V.
  • Current consumption from the power source is not more than 160 mA.
  • Operating regime:
    • ambient temperature from -25 ° C to + 55 ° C;
    • relative humidity up to 90% at + 30 ° C.
  • The weight of the tester - not more than 2.2 kg
  • Overall dimensions are 305 mm x 125 mm x 155 mm.

The magazine "News of Electrical Engineering" ("Новости электротехники") №2(50) 2008 (Diagnosis of grounding devices of power objects, resistance measurement of metal connection)



Сертификат соответствия в системе УкрСЕПРО Ф4103 Сертификат соответствия средств измерительной техники удвержденному типу Ф4103

Сертификат утверждения типа средств измерительной техники Украины Ф4103 Сертификат утверждения типа средств измерений Российской федерации Ф4103

Сертификат утверждения типа средств измерений Республики Беларусь Ф4103 Сертификат утверждения типа средств измерений Республики Казахстан (руский) Ф4103

Сертификат утверждения типа средств измерений Республики Казахстан (казахстанский) Ф4103