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an improved analogue of Э365




Ammeters ЭА0302/1У of the electromagnetic system, panel, is designed for measuring AC sinusoidal frequency from 45 Hz to 65 Hz.





  • Design features:
    • the angular disposition of the movable portion;
    • a liquid damper of the mobile system;
    • a large scale length;
    • the beginning of the measuring range of 10% of final value


The final value of the measuring range
Direct switching onswitch on through the current transformer
0,1 А, 0,15 А,
0,3 А, 0,5 А,
0,75 А, 1 А,
1,5 А, 3 А,

5 А, 7,5 А,
10 А, 20 А,
30 А, 50 А
10 A, 20 А,
30 А, 50 А,
75 А, 100 А,
500 А, 750 А,
1000 А, 1500 А,
2500 А, 5000 А,
7500 А, 10000 А
Note 1. Depending on the order ammeters with a final value of the measuring range of less than 1 A can be manufactured as a milliammeters and ammeters with a final value of the measuring range of more than 1000 A can be manufactured as kiloammeters.
Note 2. Current transformer should be with a nominal power of the secondary winding of 1 A or 5 A.


By special order the ammeters with other measuring ranges and special marks, inscriptions and other functional parts of the scale can be manufactured.





  • Accuracy class of devices - 1.5; 2.5 (GOST (ГОСТ) 8711).
  • Overall dimensions of 120 mm x 120 mm x 78 mm.
  • The weight of the devices - not more than 0.4 kg
  • The operating position is vertical, horizontal and angled 45˚ (depending on the order).
  • Operating conditions (climate impacts):
    • Ambient temperature - from minus 40 °С to plus 50 °С;
    • relative humidity up to 95 % at + 30 °С.
  • Devices shock- and vibration resistant.
  • Devices are attached to boards with thickness up to 8 mm, the marking of the board: : 106х106 mm.

The method of attachment to the panel:

Способ крепежа ЭА0302


Сертификат соответствия в системе УкрСЕПРО ЭА0302 Сертификат соответствия средств измерительной техники удвержденному типу ЭА0302

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