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Autotransformers ЛАТР (laboratory autotransformers), single-phase, are designed for modulating an AC voltage of 50 Hz or 60 Hz with various electrical works.

Autotransformers may operate at altitudes up to 2000 meters. When autotransformers operate at over 1000 meters, the nominal load current must be reduced by 2.5% for every 500 meters of altitude.

  • Nominal primary voltage of autotransformers ЛАТР - 220 V.
  • Control limits - 0-250 V.
  • Maximum load current of autotransformers:
    • ЛАТР-1,25 – 5 А;
    • ЛАТР-2,5 – 10 А.
  • No-load current at the nominal primary voltage - less than 0.5 A.
  • Efficiency of the autotransformer - not less than 94%.
  • Autotransformers of ЛАТР type must be securely grounded.
  • ЛАТРs are devices, unstable for short-circuit, so they should be included in the network, which is protected by a fuse with a current fuse not exceeding 10 A, ЛАТР-1,25 and 20 А forЛАТР-2,5.
  • Overall dimensions, mm
    • ЛАТР-1,25 – 235 х 130 х 200;
    • ЛАТР-2,5 - 235 х 145 х 200.
  • Weight, kg:
    • ЛАТР-1,25 – 6,0;
    • ЛАТР-2,5 - 8,0.
  • The position of the autotransformer LATR under the operation - any, mode of operation - long.