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Ohmmeter M41070 / 1 is designed to measure the resistance of DC electrical circuits.







  • Measurement range: 0-300 Ohm, 0-3 kOhm, 0-30 kOhm, 0-300 kOhm, 0-30 MOhm.
  • Accuracy Class 2.5 on the measuring range 0-300 Ohms and 1.5 on the other ranges in accordance with GOST (ГОСТ) 23706-93.
  • The scale length is less than 65 mm.
  • The scale length, corresponding with the range of measurement, is at least 85% of the entire length of the scale.
  • The power supply of the ohmmeter is made from a DC chemical source 1.5 V (element type R6, RL6) on the first four measurement ranges and from the external DC voltage of 220 V at the range of 0-30 MOhm.
  • The ohmmeter current consumption is less than 100 mA.
  • The ohmmeter admits duration of constant work of not less than 1 hour from the chemical constant current source and not less than 8 hours from an external source.
  • The ohmmeter is resistant to splash carrying sphere.
  • Operating regime:
    • ambient temperature from -40 ° C to + 50 ° C;
    • relative humidity up to 98 % at + 35 ° C.
  • Weight - not more than 0.6 kg
  • Overall dimensions are 165 mm x 95 mm x 65 mm.


Сертификат соответствия в системе УкрСЕПРО М41070 Сертификат соответствия средств измерительной техники удвержденному типу М41070

Сертификат утверждения типа средств измерительной техники Украины М41070 Сертификат утверждения типа средств измерений Российской федерации М41070

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