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Devices of electromagnetic shield system (panel) indicating analogue performance with fastening the movable part on the cores are designed to measure current in AC circuits of sinusoidal frequency from 45 Hz to 65 Hz of electrical power facilities and businesses.






  • The operating position is vertical or horizontal. In consultation with the customer, it is possible to produce devices with an operating position at any angle up to 90º from the horizontal plane.
  • Accuracy class is 1.5 or 2.5.
  • The limits of permissible basic errors of the devices are ± 1,5% for instruments of accuracy class 1.5 and ± 2,5% for devices of accuracy class 2.5 of the final value of the measuring range.
  • Overall dimensions for the flange and the length scale of the devices depending on the modification (performance) are shown in Table 1:


Modification (performance)Dimensions on the flangeScale length, mm, not less
ЭА0300-1 144 mm x 144 mm 150
ЭА0300-2 96 mm x 96 mm 90
ЭА0300-3 72 mm x 72 mm 60


  • The weight, not more: ЭА0300-1 - 0,4 kg, ЭА0300-2 - 0,3 kg, ЭА0300-3 - 0,2 kg.
  • Overload ammeters are manufactured with an overload factor of 2. The limits of permissible basic error reloading ammeters in the reload of the scale are equal to ± 10% of the final value of the measuring range.
  • The final value of the measuring range ammeters is given in Table 2.


The final value of the measuring range of the ammeters switched on
directlywith a current transformer
0,1 А, 0,15 А,
0,3 А, 0,5 А,
0,75 А, 1 А,
1,5 А, 3 А,
5 А, 7,5 А,
10 А, 20 А
10 А, 20 А,
30 А, 50 А,
75 А, 100 А,
500 А, 750 А,
1000 А, 1500 А,
2500 А, 5000А, 7500 А, 10000 А
Note 1.Depending on the order, the ammeters with a final value of the measuring range of less than 1 A can be manufactured as a milliammeters and ammeters with a final value of the measuring range of more than 1000 A can be manufactured as kiloammeter.
Note 2. The current transformer must have a current of the secondary winding of 1 A or 5 A.


  • The initial value of the measuring range does not exceed 20% of the final measuring range value.
  • Operating conditions (climate impacts):
    • ambient temperature of -40 ° C to + 50 ° C, relative humidity 95% at 30 ° C.
  • Self-consumption of the devices must be:
    • for ammeters of direct inclusion of not more than 2.5 VA;
    • ammeters switched on with a current transformer, (0,6 ± 0,2) VA;
  • The degree of protection provided by the body of the instrument against the ingress of solid objects IP40 according to GOST (ГОСТ) 14254-96 "Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (code IP)".
  • The design of the instrument ensures the absence of oscillations of the resonant character, causing erosion of the end of the index by more than the width of the narrowest of the scale marks at any frequency from 45 Hz to 65 Hz.
  • Transportation extreme conditions:
    • ambient temperature: from - 50 ºС to + 50 ºС;
    • humidity: to 98% at 35 ° C;
    • shock proof: the impact blows with a maximum acceleration of 50 m/s2, a frequency of 10 to 50 beats per minute;
    • shock proofness in a shipping container: the impact blows with a maximum acceleration of 30 m/s2, a frequency of 80 to 120 beats per minute;
    • vibration proof: vibration frequency of 50 Hz with a maximum acceleration of 15 m/s2.
  • The insulation between the electrical circuit and accessible touch hand surface of the housing of the device can withstand for one minute test voltage of AC 50 Hz of 4 kV.
  • The insulation resistance between the housing and the electrical circuit unit is not less than 40 MOhm in normal conditions of use.
  • Mounting dimensions for mounting to the panel



ПриборС, mm
ЭА0300-1 138+1
ЭА0300-2 92+0,8
ЭА0300-3 68+0,7





  • Devices allow attachment to the boards with thickness up to 8 mm
  • The normal average of workout is 10,000 hours.
  • The average service life of 10 years.


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