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Innovative multifunctional microohmmeter ЦС4105 with digital readout

Automatic measuring range selection.




Microohmmeter ЦС4105 is designed for measuring the electrical resistance of the DC components of electrical circuits which are not energized.

The microohmmeter can be used to measure:

  • transition of electrical resistance of high voltage and switch disconnectors;
  • electrical resistance of the brazed, welded and bolted connections;
  • electrical contact resistance and adherence resistance of the ground circuit of grounding devices;
  • active resistance of tires, wires and cables;
  • resistance of windings of electrical machines.





  • Display of measurement results of the microohmmeter - alphanumeric on liquid crystal display (LCD display),functioning in dialogue regime.
  • The microohmmeter power supply - batteries AA, size 1.2V - 8 pcs.
  • Measuring ranges of the microohmmeter:
    • from 10 mkОhm to 3 mОhm (within 3 mОhm);
    • from 1 to 300 mОhm (within 300 mОhm);
    • from 0.1 to 50 Оhm (within 50 Оhm);
  • Modes of the microohmmeter - automatic or manual.
    • Automatic operation mode is one measurement after briefly pressing the MEASUREMENT button.
    • Manual operation mode - continuous measurements pressing the measurement button during manual range of 1-300 mОhm with a limit of 300 mОhm or 0.1-50 Оhm with a limit of 50 Оhm.
    • Manual operation of the microohmmeter is preferred for measuring the resistance of the inductive character. Continuous operation of the microohmmeter in manual mode is defined by the electrical capacity of the battery.
  • Accuracy class of the microohmmeter
    • 2.5 GOST (ГОСТ) 8,401 "Accuracy classes of measuring instruments. General requirements. "
    • When measuring the resistance of the inductive nature with a time constant of 50 ms, the error is in the range of an acceptable relative basic error.
  • Battery amperage consumption by the microohmmeter in manual operation is not more than 0.25 A.
  • The strength of the current in the measured circuit resistance:
    • at the limit of 3 mОhm - 5 A, a current pulse duration of 0.3 seconds;
    • at the limit of 300 MOhm - 50 mA DC;
    • at the limit of 50 Ohm - 5 mA DC;
  • The microohmmeter performs:
    • charging the battery from the power supply;
    • light indication of the process and the battery charge level;
    • automatic selection of the measuring range; manual mode allows manual selection of the measuring range with limits of 300 MOhm or 50 Ohm;
    • automatic disconnection from the power supply when the voltage drops below 8 V supply and (or) at the end (90 - 120) to the end of the measurement;
    • Storing the results of the last 20 measurements
  • Operating conditions (climate impacts):
    • ambient temperature from -10 ° C to + 55 ° C;
    • relative humidity up to 90% at + 30 ° C.
  • Degree of protection in accordance with GOST (ГОСТ) 14254 "Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (code IP)" for microohmmeter - IP42.
  • Package set of the microohmmeter:
    • microohmmeter ЦС4105 - 1 pc.;
    • strap – 1 pc.;
    • a bag – 1 pc.;
    • a clip – 2 pc.;
    • a probe – 2 pc.;
    • a conductor – 2 pc.;
    • a power supply 12 V, 0.7 A – 1 pc.;
    • 1.2V rechargeable batteries, size AA - 8 pcs. (Set to the microohmmeter or a bag); – 8 pc.;
    • Operation Manual - 1 copy.
    • On a separate order the wire length of the cords set may be arbitrary.
  • Dimensions - 230 mm x 140 mm x 58 mm.
  • The weight, kg, not more:
    • of a microohmmeter with batteries - 1;
    • a set of measuring cords - 0.8;
    • of a power supply - 0,3.
    • in a package set - 2.2.
  • The norm of mean time till the microohmmeter fails - 10,000 hours.
  • The average life of the microohmmeter is 10 years.



Сертификат соответствия средств измерительной техники удвержденному типу ЦС4105 Сертификат соответствия в системе УкрСЕПРОв ЦС4105


Сертификат утверждения типа средств измерительной техники Украины ЦС4105 Сертификат утверждения типа средств измерений Российской федерации ЦС4105

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