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Circuit parameters zero-phase meter ЦК 0220 is designed to measure the strength of short circuit current, electrical impedance, voltage of circuit zero-phase AC networks in 220 V, 50 Hz with earthed neutral.





  • Measurement range:
    • short-circuit current (Іk.z.) in the range of 10 A - 10000 A with an accuracy of ± 5% of the measured value;
    • full resistance (Z) in the range of 0,022 Ω - 22 Ω with a tolerance of ± 5% of the measured value;
    • the voltage (U) in the range of 180 V - 245 V with a tolerance of ± 1% of measured value in zero-phase circuit and phase-to-ground frequency of 50 Hz, 60 Hz, in which the phase angle between current and voltage (φ) is from 0 to 60 electrical degrees.
  • The meter calculates and displays the following circuit parameters:
    • active resistance R;
    • reactance X;
    • the phase angle φ.
  • The meter has:
    • MCU control and information processing with outputting it to the character display with backlight;
    • the memory of the last 10 results of measurements;
    • a short-circuit current limiting resistor 0,1 Ω
  • The power supply of the meter is performed on the measured network
  • The meter automatically disconnects from the power supply with a fall in the external circuit voltage exceeding 36 V, reducing the voltage less than 180 V, or excessing the voltage more than 245 V.
  • Operating regime:
    • ambient temperature from -10 ° C to + 40 ° C;
    • a relative humidity 90% at 30 ° C
  • Continuous operation - 8 h.
  • The time interval before re-switch is at least 25 min.
  • Power consumption (when not MEASUREMENT pressed) of not more than 15 VA.
  • Overall dimensions, not more:
    • of a meter - 350 mm x 315 mm x 140 mm;
    • a bag with a set of connecting wires - 220 mm x 120 mm x 190 mm.
  • The weight, not more:
    • a meter - 6 kg;
    • a meter with a bag and set of connectors - 7 kg.
  • Meter ЦК 0220 is designed to replace meters Щ41160 and ЭК0200.

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