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ВНИМАНИЕ! Сменились адреса ел.почты! Нач. сбыта: megommetrzbut@ukr.net, Канцелярия: megommetr@email.ua, Бухгалтерия: megommetro@i.ua, О.тех. контроля: 0474432653@ukr.net
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Specialty PAT "Uman plant" Megommetr ":

Issue of instruments for measuring the resistance (ohm meters, testers, Microhmmeter), measuring the ground resistance, including the shield performance;

- Panel meters for measuring voltage and current;

- Auto-transformers and current transformers;

- Devices for diagnostics of electrical networks.

We sell instruments that are subject to mandatory state verification and devices intended for use outside the sphere of the state metrological control and supervision.

High quality, technical and technological level of the instruments manufactured every year is celebrated Ukrainian diplomas Quality Awards, diplomas Russian branch of general industrial exhibitions, as well as diplomas quality of other CIS countries.

Reliability, commitment, proper behavior towards partners, the desire to take into account the demands of consumers - the principle of PJSC "megger".

All sold by us are measuring devices we give warranty and post-warranty service provide at authorized centers.

Our site is well-known on the web! Over the last 2 years it was visited by more than one thousand people, with many firms have established friendly and reliable relationships. New items instrumentation.

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