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Public Joint Stock Company "Uman plant" Megommetr "is located in the picturesque town of Uman, with a population of about 100 thousand. Persons. City, famous for its park "Sofiyivka" - one of the best in Europe, located in the central part of Ukraine, at the crossroads of important commercial highway St. Petersburg - Kiev - Odessa and Lviv - Vinnitsa - Cherkasy.

Plant "Megommetr" is based March 5, 1957 in accordance with the orders of the electrical industry №99, which was foreseen by the decision of Uman City Council September 18, 1956, approved by the decision of the Executive Committee of Cherkasy Regional Council on 30 November 1956.

The first product, which produces the company were CTs UTT-5 and UTT-6M (1957). In 1958, the company began working on the assembly line megger M1101 and started selling transformers UTT-5. Since 1959, there is an expansion of the plant.

In 1959 - 1963 he was the assembly housing built in 1966 - 1969 years - the case of procurement departments in 1971 - 1974 years - the administrative and laboratory building, in 1973 - a railroad depot.

Plant "Megger" was a regular participant ENEA today PJSC "Uman plant" Megommetr "takes part in international exhibitions held in Ukraine and abroad. Electrical appliances enterprises were marked one gold, one silver and three bronze medals. Over 50 years, the company occupies a prominent place in the market of electrical appliances. The company has implemented a quality management system DSTU ISO 9001-2009.

Electric devices, current transformers, which are produced by the plant, high accuracy class, are in great demand not only in our country but also abroad. Prior to 1991, products with the trademark the company exported to more than 40 countries.

At present, the export share of more than 50% from the sale. The main buyers of the plant's production of the export are: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Bulgaria, the Baltic countries, Mongolia. When selling and shipping products use different modes of transport: railway, freight, by air, road transport TІR, express mail, "Autolux", "Night Express", ex.

In order to service and support its products of PJSC "Uman plant" Megommetr "organized a service center in the Russian Federation - Ekaterinburg, JSC" Prompribor "tel. (343) 254-46-47, which serves as the warranty and post-warranty service of devices made now. Chairman of the Supervisory Board - Krizhanovsky Vladimir. The head of a public corporation "Uman plant" Megommetr "- Chairman of the Board Bondarenko Valentin E., telephone (04744) 3-80-65.

Technical services of the plant managed by the Chief Engineer - Sereda Alexander, telephone (04744) 3-80-20. Development of new products in the company is engaged in design office of new technology. Constantly working on the formulation of the production of new products. Products pass all the stages, from the development, design and manufacture of equipment and to final assembly.

The company has its own tool shop to equip the main production plant for plastics processing, metal processing and stamping, plating and paint processing, and assembly production. PJSC "Umansky plant" Megger "has a testing laboratory certified bodies State Standard of Ukraine, which produces test resistance to chilling, heat, moisture, vibration, shaking transport, splash-proof, test the effect of magnetic fields.

Marketing department in the company is headed Omelchuk Ivan, tel. (04744) 3-70-04. We will be glad to see you among our partners. Ready to consider any proposals for improving our work, improve the quality and number of manufactured products necessary for consumers.